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Gases have a wide variety of uses within the leisure and hospitality business. One of their best-known uses is perhaps drink machines. Restaurants, bars, music halls, theaters, or any establishment selling carbonated soft drinks or beer require carbon dioxide.  It is essential to supply a pure, food-grade or beverage-grade carbon dioxide supply on a regular basis.

Our gases are also used widely for outdoor patio spaces and entertainment. Gas-powered patio heaters and barbecue grills, food trucks using dry ice & propane, and balloons requiring helium.


  • Propane Cylinders (Grills, Cookers, Heaters)
  • Patio Heaters
  • Commercial & Industrial-Grade Hydro Misting Fans
  • Helium (Balloons, Accessories)
  • Beer Gas Mix
  • CO2 Cylinders & Refills
  • Dry Ice